Google Chrome (Google’s Web Browser)

Today I had a mail from a blog titled “Google Chrome – Google’s Web Browser”. Mail has links some blogs and a comic book. I also add urls for you.

So what is “Google Chrome”? As I understand from blog and comic book it is WebKit open source web browser engine based, multi-threaded, V8 javascript virtual machine powered, Google style browser. WebKit used in many browser projects including MacOS X Safari, KDE Konquero and some Nokia S60 browsers. V8 Team are (I don’t know guys very much, as some said)  expert in virtual machines and they have idea whatever languageyou want to put a vm in. Google aims to make javascript engine faster, more powerful and more stable. Multi-threading is not new for application programming but Google guys think further and not only different tabs work different processes but also different web domains in same tab will work in different processes. Very hard to implement and manage.

The most important part of this project is Google Chrome will be open source. I think,for internet community, being open source is most dealing option. You have no boundaries except continuing as open source. In my opinion it worths.

As a Google addict I will try first beta of Google Chrome as soon as possible. Like Bilbo Baggins said before his 111th birthday party “this will be a night to remember!”

Link for blog:

and link for comic book:

Edit:  And the day comes, I am editing this artice with Google Chrome. Try yourself at

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