Disable TinyMCE HTML Encode in BlogEngine.Net

If you are using BlogEngine.Net for your blog some special characters are saved with encoded in posts or pages.

For example, the letter “ü” encoded to “ü”. If your site’s charset is UTF-8 chars are displayed correctly. However, If you are export to XML with UTF-8 format your posts showing unreadable in sites coded with ISO-8859-9 format.

To prevent this,  to make a change in TinyMCE editor (BlogEngine.Net’s default editor).

Open tinyMCE.ascx file in Admin folder.

Find convert_urls: false,  line in tinyMCE.init() function.

After this line You must add

entities: “”,

Then, the special chars saved without encoded.


Updated (26.11.2009) :

Formatted sample codes is showing not correctly when is setting entities=””,

So you must use like this





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