Pardus 2008 Released

New version of the Pardus project, Pardus 2008,
improved by the latest technologies and up-to-date applications, has
been released. As always, Pardus 2008, is being freely distributed
under the terms of GNU General Public License (GPL). In compliance with
the main goals of the Pardus project, Pardus 2008 has lots of new
features for ease of installation and use, both at the infrastructure
and interface level. In addition Pardus 2008 provides enhanced hardware
support, stable and reliable Linux infrastructure and numeruous
applications on a single CD. You will go through a brand new experience
of freedom, using Pardus 2008

You may have a look at Release Notes to see what’s new in Pardus 2008, and you may download Pardus 2008 from the Download page.

We wish you days in freedom, using Pardus 2008…